Stamford Hill, London – 3. UK HQ of Chabad

So I’ve found the headquarters of Chabad, a popular section of Judaism.

In some ways this group are the Jewish equivalent of the Salvation Army with well organised outreach to the poor.

Founded in 1775 by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the name “Chabad” (חב״ד‎) is an acronym formed from three Hebrew words—Chochmah, Binah, Da’at ( חכמה, בינה, דעת‎): “Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge”—which represent the intellectual underpinnings of the movement.

One of the most famous people in the Chabad was Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the last Rabbi of his generation (he died with no children) His house is considered the worldwide headquarters of the Chabad movement which is in Brooklyn, New York, known as “770” after the number of the building in street.

Some people think he is the Messiah. Enough anyway to build replicas of his house all over the world, even in Israel. I think the Messiah is Israeli. It is quite specific in the scriptures in the TNKH (what Christians commonly call the Old Testament) that in Micah 5 : 2 you can see yourself here in English and the original Hebrew also.

Chabad has done excellent programs for the poor and the disadvantaged in the Jewish community, but a lot of its focus is on a man from New York, not someone is from Israel. These camper vans are driven around Jewish areas with the intention to help secular and non observant Jews to get back to religious practice, particularly wrapping Tefillin (prayer straps)

This is quite honourable though to get those off track from faith back into the fold.

Chabad is a large and well organised group that bless a lot of Jewish people, but I’ll explain later why I believe there are better plans for Jewish people, despite Stamford Hill being an intriguing sort of place.

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