Stamford Hill, London – 5. Extreme oddball fringe group Neturei Karta

Ok so I have found the UK branch of the Neturei Karta, the most strangest off shoot of Judaism I think ever.

These people are extremely hostile to the modern state of Israel.

The problem is this strange movement gives credibility to anti-Semites who say if these people hate Israel, then its ok for us to be as well.

In recent times, Jewish people and governments have produced what’s known as the “International recognised version of antisemitism” to have a clearer definition of statements and behaviour which clearly show Jewish people in a derogatory or threatening way.

I definitely do not think its ok, or you are “off the hook” to say “there are this group of Jews who hate Israel, so therefore so can I”

This group has much credibility to Judaism as The Westboro Church (those folks who hold up offensive signs at events) from Kansas in the US are to Christians.

This is a small building they meet in, so I don’t think there are more than 20 or so of them. I think its best to ignore this group. I’m not going to mention these on my blog again.

Like Westboro, who lost their original leader Fred Phelps who died in 2014, that group has largely faded away, and Moshe Ber Beck who started this group also passed in April of 2021, about the same time I visited Stamford Hill.

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