Pastor Uman from Uganda speaks about attack on his life visits Jerusalem

Last week I went to an event at Christchurch put on by Christian Friends of Israel which is in the old city in Jerusalem, to hear an African man speak who is visiting Israel.  Hes an ex-Muslim who knows Arabic and studied the Koran, accepted Jesus in the early 90s and runs a church in Uganda, he also supports Israel, and because of his belief in Jesus, he has had no less than nine attacks on his life, more recently resulting in deliberately someone tipping a bucket of acid on him scarring up horribly and losing sight in one eye.

Hes in Israel to give his testimony as well as receive specialised surgery to rebuild his face which is costing in the region of $128,000, in which the government of Israel paid $100k of it.

Pastor Uman Mulinde wears a kind of surgical stocking on his face, and one of his ears is shriveled, but he still speaks confidently, and is awaiting three more surgery sessions here in Israel, and his survival and determination serves as powerful witness to the doctors and surgeons in Israel treating him.

A little oddly perhaps, there wasn’t that many people I knew at the meeting, this might sound strange but actually the body of believers in Israel is quite small, so its like most people know most other people, both foreign Christians involved with probably at least 50 ministries here as well as local Israeli believers.

On the screen a little later there was a shocking picture of a pile of charred bodies, probably in excess of 100 of Ugandan Christians murdered by Islamic terrorists in this country in their church.   An awful tragedy perhaps necessary into giving Christians in western nations a sense of urgency into praying regularly for protection of those in danger, and for the hearts of those to be changed causing violent attacks.

Here at Christchurch inside the Jaffa gate of Jerusalem’s old city, Pastor Uman speaks abount his testimony and the attack.

He doesn’t speak to any kind of bitterness or revenge, just for the west not to be duped into accepting Islam as something that would ever compromise or be prepared to coexist with other cultures.

These days many people consider Israel to be the worst nation in the media today for accusations of ‘apartheid’ and ‘ethnic cleansing.’    Sometimes groups aiming to do “peace and reconciliation” are more there to delegitimise Israel both vocally, including sadly, some Christians and attempt to sanitize it completely from the scriptures, being completely unaware of terrible things that happen in mostly Islamic countries today.

This article from another blog explains it well:

This was a really good event that Christ Church put on, and it was a priviledge to see this brave man speak.  I don’t have a web site for him, I will see if I can find and add this later, hes still needs prayer and donations for his treatment and for his ministry to carry on.

Olympics and Palestinians

Various news sites I sometimes read came up with this:

Apparently the Olympics web site admitted an ‘error’ on their web site, and changed it later.  They also ought to realise that official languages in Israel are Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian too.

Also Israel is considered part of ‘Europe’ here: the rest of the Middle East is under Asia:

Looking at the official web site via the search engine, there is no mention of the 40 years anniversary of the tragedy that killed 11 Israelis in 1972 Olympics in Munich.   There really ought to be a special moment to remember that sometime in the schedule this year.

I wasn’t aware that the Palestinians have a representation this year even though they are not a sovereign nation as of yet, I don’t even know that they have a national anthem if they were to get a medal, after quickly checking out Wikipedia there is one disturbingly, the lyrics shown translated into English have some worrying theme, read this Wiki article on it here.  Here is another article from Arabic Wikipedia also in case perhaps I am being unfair.

Is there any calls from any moderate Arabic speaking country to challenge them into having a song with less violent sounding words I wonder? Rather than a  “volcano of my vendetta” or “And my intention a bullet and a volcano retaliation” or whatever it is.

The Olympics shouldn’t be a political event.  But it should recognise people lost from terrorism in 1972, just as it should kick out cheats and dopers, and so far the authority are making a very poor effort.

Interesting related article:- Nazi Germany involved with the 1936 games in Berlin

Turkish massacare of Armenian people remembered

Back earlier this year there was the convoy of protestors from Turkey.

At the same time, around the Christian Armenian community in Jerusalem’s old city put up lots of posters around the city warning what happened just under 100 years ago.  Click to zoom.

This was a reminder of the men and women killed in a genocide against the Armenian people.   With so called peace ships that fooled the media supposedly trying to help Gaza but had terrorists with weapons, its a warning that extremist Islam affects everyone.