Southern France / Pyrenesse trip – Toulouse’s churches

Toulouse is a large city in France.   I turned back here after I could not proceed any further towards Andorra, see the previous article.

Bars, cafes and shops have all the charm you would expect to see in a French city.

France has a history based on Catholicism, today it is a very secular country.   There are not many evangelical Christians.

When I visited, I did see a nice Christian bookshop which was shut when I went past it on a Thursday evening.

I also saw this really nice church, it’s the Notre-Dame du Taur

IMG_20170923_113422887 1024

Stain glass windows are some of the best I have seen.

IMG_20170923_113958384 1024

This painting of Jesus’ trial looks really good, with his disciples to the right, the Sanhedrin and Roman leaders in the middle and members of the public on the left.

IMG_20170923_181804305My church in London sponsor missions in France, as there is a shortage for those to spread the gospel as Africa, Asia or South America.

In another part of Toulouse, I spotted this mission tract whilst waiting for the traffic lights, hope more of these do get seen by the French people.

Here’s the book shop I found above.

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