Beware of the cult of the Black Hebrew Israelites

There’s a lot of cults on London where I live.

I’ve seen the Hari Krishnas, The Moonies, Falong Gong, Scientologists, evangelical Islamists telling us we need Shariah law and also one or two self style Messiah figures, around the streets of London.

In Israel, the Falong Gong, Hari Krishnas and Scientologists are there too, and a few other weird ones.

So when some folks tell me all religion is the same and there is a select bad bunch of a few, I tend to roll my eyes and shake my head.   Its no surprise that Paul spoke about it a lot, as did Peter, and Jesus said himself, there would be false Messiahs, false prophets and false religions would deceive people.   In this particular time and age stuff like this is increasing.  The Black Hebrew Israelites are some of the very worst groups I think around.   They are racist and stir up hate.

I first so these folks actually in Oxford Street in London.   They might seems like a limited fringe group, but they seem extremely active on the internet and they seem to be growing.  Among forums and Facebook groups, they seem to pop up quite often.

On the surface, BHI appear to be just some young black men who love the bible and have an interest in Israel and Jewish people and practices.


‘Teaching material’put in front of these men.   Not my foot, a few people watching seemed quite astonished by them.


The group of 5 young black men preaching in Oxford Street had a cartoon showing that Jesus was a black man, and that traditional Christianity is worshiping an imposter.


I didn’t get a closer picture of these guys for obvious reasons.  They are bigger then me and crazy.

I’m trying to help and encourage a friend who has got into very similar teaching to this.  Let me tell you this.   I am going to no mince words here, this teaching is a lie from the pit of hell that breaks families, churches and communities.   If you ever see folks from this teaching in your congregation or bible study remove them straight away and pray for protection on you and your family.

When you delve into their teaching they think that they are a lost tribe of Israel, or, and heard this quite a few times that ordinary Ashkenazi (white European Jews) are imposters, and that they should be the ones living in Jerusalem.  They also read out a passage from Revelation 3:9 to reinforce this.    They are driven by extreme arrogance and pride, I think they could easily turn nasty.

Some of these people are frequent speakers in London, one of these is close to Stratford station and some are in cult/weirdo-magnet ‘Speaker’s Corner’ in Hyde Park.

There are real black Jews of course.  BHI is nothing to do with them.    I’ve met many of the Ethiopian Jews in Israel, and be to some bars and restaurants owned by them.  They are kind and gentle people.

Update 2018 – Back in 2014 I came across these people in a congregation in London called “Beit Nitzachon”   this was once a Messianic Jewish congregation which I found out later their African Hebrew Group took it over and threw out the original leadership and preached their own peculiar gospel.  The front row consisted of women with prayer shawls (which in traditional Judaism is a male garment)    I walked out of their congregation part way when they were trashing the Trinity and several other heresies.  This was sad.   Later on, they got big into the Flat Earth Movement and got a new leader called Tony Kakouri who used to be part of former Waco death cult leader David Koresh’s church!!!!.  I’ve spoken to several ex-members (real Jewish believers and those from a conventional Christian background) who have got free of it. 

There is no doubt this a very dangerous cult indeed.


Hyper Hebrew Roots movement – 4. Sacred names

1. What my definition of HHRM is 2. Popular but highly sketchy names in the movement – 3. Holidays, Shabbat, keeping & eating4. Sacred names5. Do believers need to keep Torah?6. Bad teaching that leads to apostasy7. what do real Jewish believers in Jesus think of this movement?8. How we can help people in HHRM

NB, I’m a Christian who loves Israel and Jewish people.   These posts aren’t criticism of actual Jewish people or Israel or believers in Yeshua/Jesus, only of Christians that may go a bit over the top or get confused over names and language differences.   Please see first article to get better idea of what this is about.

How people say most common names for God

Traditional Jews: God is written as יהוה (Yod Hey Vav Hey) phonetically pronounced Yahweh or Jahovah.   However traditional Jews will never pronounce this, only pronounce this as Adonai. (Lord)  Therefore if Christians pronounce this in public this may offend or seem insensitive to observant Jews. God may also written as G-d, traditional Jews will leave one letter missed out, in a way deemed respectful of not writing his name in full. Elohim, El Shaddai, Eloheunu are allHebrew names for God.   In fact anything with -im on the end is a plural (aha! you can spot the trinity!) You will often see words with Yah or El.   This words are found inside a few popular names. Hashem literally ‘His name’

Ways of writing Jesus

Correct: Jesus or Yeshua or ישוע (Yod Shin Vav Ayen)

Not right: Other names used by the HHRM, that are not really right; Yahshua, Yahoshua, Ioshua, etc Allah this is the Muslim word for God, and used by Arab Christians, and also Christians in Malta. (they have an Arabic derived language)   I prefer not using these for regular western Christians, this is another theological hot potato for another day.

Definitely wrong:-
Yeshu/ישו (insult)  This is a Hebrew abbreviation for “may his name by blotted out” used by those against Yeshua.
Issa (used by Muslims who describe Jesus as only a prophet in the Koran)

Arab believers: Correct word for Jesus in Arabic for Arab believers is Yesu

If believers in Jesus/Yeshua someone tells you can ONLY use a certain name and gets finicky about it, they may have issues with legalism. Often HHRM people will tell you can only use THEIR own definition of a name only, and anything else is wrong or ‘Pagan’. I once went to a Messianic congregation in UK, there was a man who was Jamaican who was dressed as a Jew who was speaking, he told us that anyone who used the word Jesus was actually referring to the Greek God Zeus.   This was the worse teaching I have heard so I walked out.    This was a total embarrassment as this was a congregation of mostly non Jews trying to do Jewish customs in a clumsy insensitive way, in a part of the city with a lot of ultra Orthodox Jews close by.  This was such a cringeworthy painful experience that would no way impress anyone in this community.

What they forget is the gospel was spread to all nations, so Jesus died for all people and all races, so his name is going to be written differently as the gospel is translated to every language, tribe and tongue.   Today, because of the internet and more affordable travel, its feasible to bring the message of Jesus to every single part of the world.

Philippians 2 : 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Here’s another example.   My name is Jonathan.   I’m not Jewish.   My name is extremely popular among Jews especially in Israel, and ordinary British chaps like me born in the mid 1970s. Actually name is Jonathan is really which is pronounced Yahnatan which is written יונתן (yntn) My name comes from Yah Natan = God’s gift/given.

Over the years this has got changed on its way to a language like English. Yah has become Jah which has become ‘Jo’ I think “J” only pronounced “Jer” in English, French and Arabic.    In German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch and Hebrew its pronounced as a Y.

“natan” has become Nathan (another boy’s name) There is two different types of Ts in Hebrew that look like ט and like ת – so when one is Latinised its written as a “TH”. So among religious hipsters thinking they have the most authentic way of doing religion, please look down on me as I’ve got a Hebrew name that’s been interfered with over a few centuries.   Oh well. 🙂 I get annoyed if people call me Jonathon, Johnathan or something else, but that just me 🙂

1. What my definition of HHRM is 2. Popular but highly sketchy names in the movement – 3. Holidays, Shabbat, keeping & eating4. Sacred names5. Do believers need to keep Torah?6. Bad teaching that leads to apostasy7. what do real Jewish believers in Jesus think of this movement?8. How we can help people in HHRM