Can we overload prayers to help our Christians brothers and sisters in Iran?

Following recent news that the Iranian Christian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani held in a prison had been sentenanced to death, I decided to email the Iranian embassy politely in the UK to tell them how angry I was with this decision.   Hes been offered leniency if he rejects Christianity and takes up Islam, which he has refused to do so.

A while back the UK embassy in Tehran was broken into and looted.   I don’t know if there are many people in the UK office doing any administration.   Sounds like a tough job trying to do PR for a company that flaunts the ability to destroy another neighbouring country by saying they will “wipe them off the map”.

I looked in the spam folder of my email and saw this today, their mail server rejected my email as their mailbox is full.

I wonder if this means that lots of Christians (or indeed anyone upset by this decision) have emailed the Islamic republic’s UK operations and overloaded their mail system.   Or maybe their IT systems are just are rubbish as their human rights.

Of course, if this many people were praying for this man’s release and safety, without compromising his life with Jesus, you can’t pray too much, my loving God has infinite capacity for requests to him.  I hope all Christians feel compelled to pray to see this innocent man’s wife and children get to see him come home safely.

Bibles for Pakistan and Christians facing persecution

At the beginning of this year when I was at home, I felt an urge to give some money to a Pakistani Christian ministry that supplies bibles to believers in Pakistan.  Its interesting here as there a lots of people coming to Christ but its very hard to get bibles in their native language (which I think is Urdu in Pakistan) so Pastor Shahid Paul aims to get bibles provided which costs them around $500 per box 100 including shipping.

I often worry about the lack of sponsorship I still am trying to live here in Israel, but for this ministry they also seem to be finding it hard.  I know there is a recession, but I guess with various charities it may be hard with limited resources to shout out to places about your ministry.

But very tragically, Pastor Paul the man who is in this organisation said that a fellow believer friend was murdered by Muslims.  There are gangs that frequently go around attacking Christians and burning down their houses, as apostasy or leaving Islam often results in a death sentence in many nations still today.

Its easy to get angry and blame Muslims for this kind of tragedy, but instead we have to both pray and support for our fellow brothers and sisters out in extremely hostile places where the gospel is not heard and that those from other backgrounds who have had hate taught can only change also with prayer out there, also pray for the unbelieving Pakistani people.  “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  Luke 23 : 34

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