Ships on the Galilee coast

I am on the edge of the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee)  in the city of Tiberias, on the coast of the lake its easy to see how fishing his been part of the economy for years.

Sadly this fish processing plant looks kind of derelict, although when I walked back to the hostel when it was darker, the lights were on.

A lot of the fish I see in Jerusalem supermarkets comes from Norway.   There is however plenty of small restaurants serving fish caught in the lake to Christians who want an authentic biblical meal.

This boat looks like a lot of the vessels for taking Christian pilgrims around the lake, but its up on blocks for service.    I remember my grandad telling me its important to paint the bottom of your boat each year (or at least for a small sailing dingy with a wooden hull)

Wonder what conversations went on during Jesus’s time during the times when boats were being repaired and maintained around here.

This is an odd looking machine, some kind of drill or milling machine I guess.

One of the unique things about the middle east with scarce rain, is most of the year your yard can easily become an outdoor lounge, workshop or kitchen, with appliances and furniture (that aren’t worth stealing)  not in danger of getting wet, only by sand from the dusty atmosphere.

I did spot some people fishing after all, in a more casual non business fashion, an Arab father and son here.

Its kind of funny that these cats sit her awaiting, it seems they are used to getting the fisherman throw them the small ones not worth taking home, but there was some discarded pizza, so I think they get fed quite well!! 🙂

The Jesus boat in Ginosar

My two days of work projects were done, and it was nice to take off a friday from work and relax and see some places.  I booked into a youth hostel in Tiberias and made friends with a South Africa pastor and got to see a lot special places.

The community of Ginosar is a Kibbutz on the banks of the Kinneret, this concrete exhibition hall has this wonderful piece of history.

In my home city of Portsmouth, a historic ship from the time of Henry the Eighth was pulled out of the harbour in 1982, at the time craning an ancient ship out of the sea without it breaking up, a not so conventional bit of archeology probably not been done before,  and I remember as I child watching it at school on live television as it was shown all over the world.

Just a few years later, this ancient boat found in the Galilee in unusually high tide conditions in 1986, archeologists sprayed it in foam and carefully lifted it out.

Mounted in a metal cradle you can see the boat, it has been treated in wax to stop it rotting.

Its dated from the first century AD, so its quite possible it was owned by someone who may have known Jesus maybe.

There is some nice drawings on the wall of this museum, although it is very small, as well as the video showing how it was carefully excavated and cleaned up, you can see the whole exhibition in less than 10 minutes.

Interestingly enough, the boat is fabricated from 12 different types of wood as the colour coding here shows.


Left: photos of the boat being winched out after being covered in foam, and a model shown.  Right: a model of what the model looked like in its day.

Ginosar also has these nice new bungalows which look very new which look out onto the sea.

There was also a folk music event happening, there were people camped out and bands playing close to the sea.   I asked the man at the car park who was checking tickets where the Jesus boat was, after he spoke to his colleague, I heard him say the word ‘Yeshu’  rather the ‘Yeshua’   this was sad, as the Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus but Yeshu, spelt similar is a insult sometimes used by critics of Christianity and Messianic Judaism in Israel.

This chap who worked in the gift shop had an interesting tatoo from the Psalms.   He told me he is a Jewish believer in Jesus, so I shook his hand 🙂

Next a ferry around the Kinneret

Check out the official site of the Jesus boat here:

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