Chinese cult gathering by old city walls

On Christmas day I was at the Jaffa (that the main and most famous) gate of the old city.

Firstly just a few metres away I was given a leaflet from some people in yellow Tshirts about people being killed for organ transplants and to campaign against this thing from happening.   This may be true but some truly nasty propaganda only few months ago by a Swedish newspaper accused Israelis of doing this to Palestinians.

By the gate are all these people doing some kind of meditation.   I did some research and found out this organisation are called Falun Dafa.   Its sad and seems hugely insulting to promote an Eastern cult outside the gates of a holy city.  The Torah (Christians know as the old testament) says that worshiping idols and believing in other gods is totally forbidden, nevertheless these things of all types go on in Israel, mainly in the more secular cities of Tel Aviv or Haifa.   When using Facebook I often get adverts (in Hebrew) for astrology web sites, anyway I just prayed for these people discretely as I walked to head to the Kotel.

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