Jimmy carter and his apologies

There has been a lot of talk lately in the news this week about Jimmy Carter, the former US president preceding Regan about his apology to Jewish and Israeli people over his frequent comments about accusing Israel of ‘Apartheid’ and erroneous similarities between the racial problems of South Africa.

I tend to avoid politics here but if you want to see some factual information on this, link.

Anyway the debate was if Carter was truly sorry for the words spoken to Israel over the last few decades or not, he has written quite a few books critical of the state, and has been something of a mouthpiece for evil comments this side of Islam, and probably a huge influence on other hateful people and organisations.   I get sad when I see groups of people marching blaming the Israel for the treatment of the Palestinians (the PA’s corrupt government spent the money promised on food and aid on weapons) through main streets in my city of Portsmouth.   The war in Gaza wasn’t a good thing, but no other country in the world would tolerate its neighbours sending rockets over the borders each week.  Israel has the decency to send recorded phone calls and drops leaflets over towns to civilians warning of an impending bombing on terrorist facilities in recent wars.

If Carter, now 85 years old really wants to make amends, he should first of all tell Amazon and all the bookshops with copies of his disgusting hateful lies to recall the unsold copies and have them destroyed, the profits from the books he has already sold should go to a charity.   Some say that these apologies are more of a PR thing for his grandson who is just starting out in politics, either way, I don’t know this new chap but I don’t think its fair to judge Mr Carter Jr on his grandpa’s views.

My opinion is hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism are one and the same, both are attempts to discredit and change God’s plan and purpose for his plans for how the Messiah will arrive on earth and how all the nations wit Jerusalem in the very centre play a part in these events to come.   This doesn’t mean that Israel has always done the right thing, but the media puts a magnifying glass over this tiny slither (0.5% of the middle east) of land, and there are many injustices in the world that are get to be overlooked.

I have seen first hand for myself through a close friend who is an Arab who turned to Jesus about a year ago, how lies and hateful talk can be U-turned.   I pray that both that more Arab (I hear a lot of exciting stories from new believers in many Islamic nations, even Iran and Sudan) people will come to know Jesus and that the rest of the world will not quickly jump onto a soap box to join a band wagon they heard on the internet.

Please note, don’t write any comments at all on this story.   If hateful comments and links posted, your computer’s location will be logged and your ISP will know about it.   For people who know me I am happy to talk about some of the complex background to middle east privately if you want.

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