The great British Coronation Chicken – sandwich food of kings

I might of previously mentioned here, in Israel its hard to find curry, there maybe an Indian restaurant here but it not anywhere near me or the old city.  At the same time if you want a make a curry, a simple jar of curry sauce from Tesco (even the dead cheap stuff is quite decent) and fry some chicken does the job nicely.   I have tried making curry here from scratch albeit with the flavours not quite what they should be.

Here in Israel I haven’t seen any jars of curry sauce, partly because most food is made from scratch and lazy shortcuts to make things are something of a rarity.   I am not sure how popular curry is with recent Olim (new immigrants to Israel) from UK or anywhere else but no one could accuse Israelis or anyone from the middle east of being wussies when it comes to spices, I have a ton of them in my kitchen mostly inherited from the previous volunteers before me.

One of nicest things to have in your sandwiches at work is Coronation chicken, its combination of Chicken breast diced into small pieces, curry sauce and raisins and finely chopped dry apricots is a winner in my books.  Of course regular curried chicken or some of the other related spicy lemon chicken is also pretty darn good.  You can get tubs of Coronation Chicken from Tesco for about #1 (or #1.50 for two on occasions, sorry stupid keyboard has no pound sign) although it has only a three day life span or so once opened.

If you take my dad, he always makes his sandwiches the night before work, this is something we should all do more rather buy plastic triangles of naff sarnies that lost all their taste somewhere on a long journey on a truck from the West Midlands, in addition to that the money we spend in the UK on lunch ad hoc from somewhere in a close radius of our work places could be saved and done it ourselves could mean you could have enough money after a year for probaby quite a decent holiday.   In addition to this as a volunteer in another country I have decided to absolutely not throw away any food in date and reuse and reheat anything and everything where possible and still usable.  I have a carcasss of chicken from Christmas Boxing day when I had a roast.

With a bit of imagination all the good quality bagettes and rolls that you can get from a sandwich shop can be done yourself, I decided to do research on how Coronation Chicken is made, I came up with this formula.

– medium tub of plain yoghurt (sorry cant remember how big it was, maybe 500ml?)
– fine chopped chicken
– spice powder – I used one teaspoon of curry powder and one of chilli.
– some raisins.

I know I ought to put in some measurements but will leave this up to your own preference.

Throw into a tupperware and stir thoroughly and spoon liberally on bread.   Actually today I decided to mix this with middle eastern food and dip some pita bread into it.  Next need to learn how lemon chicken is done.

Job done.  Lovely.

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