Akko – out and about

This beautiful arcade is what people imagine some of the most romantic parts of the Near East should looks like.

Sadly its off limits as they are mending the floor!  I would love too see these arches when bustling with people and with brightly coloured drapes hanging up and old Arab men sitting around chatting, drinking strong coffee and playing Sheshbash (Back Gammon)

Canaries are a very popular pet among Arab people and the cages are often outside in a shop or above seating in outside cafe.

Hello sir, can I help you?  My name is Mustafa, I am just filling in today as the canaries are on holiday.  Can I interest you some mint tea?

This little chap was one of the friendliest Cockatiels I have seen in a while, greeting me with song as a I walked past this shop.

This shop is run by Arabs and Jews together raising money to help disabled people.  The mottos on the Tshirts appear to be a bit suggestive but they are promoting using braille.

I like the interesting character of what things people keep in their yard.   Just like Jerusalem you see all kinds of things, this is a shop selling statues.

But this is just someone’s idea of a non conventional outdoor lounge it seems, complete with barber’s chair

The juice stand with a bit of a twist.

I am not sure if this is someone’s idea for a joke or a novel way to get a spare bedroom for guests to stay, but I saw this lifeboat (or is it a submarine?) complete with winch system ontop of a house!

Next, some sad events in Akko….

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