Review of Spiceworks IT management software

A little while ago I did a recording for a podcast called Geeks and God, where I did a review of an IT management software program I use in my work called Spiceworks.

If you would like to listen to this check out:

This is my first time doing such a recording so forgive me as I don’t the best speaking voice for this kind of thing 🙂  I did some screen shots to refer to you can see as well.

Many thanks to my friend Ed Ross who has an amazing enthusiasm for recording audio programmes to get the attention of anyone using any kind of media for churches of Christian organisations.

I would seriously recommend anyone puts Spiceworks on a spare PC or virtual machine and see what benefits it can make looking after everyday IT tasks in your organisation.  Its free so you have nothing to lose.

Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel indepedance day

On tuesday 10th of May I got the day off work as it was Israel’s independence day, 63 years since the modern state of Israel was formed.

Some people also call this national barbecue day.

Its not hard to see why!  The parks are very busy, this one, Gan Sacher park which is close to the government buildings has loads of people.

Here behind this yellow tape is a band playing middle east style music, there is a small flute that has an Arabic style sound to it, not sure what its called.

Lots people have flags tied onto their cars and houses.

I like the fact a lot of Arabs are out having parties as well as Jews, religious and secular and young and old.

There several lots of planes fly over from the military and from El Al, Israel’s national airline.

A Jew and an Arab friend, me and another friend from Germany learning Hebrew here in the park celebrating together.

On the way back from the park, I saw lots of people took time to show solidarity for kidnapped solider Gilad Shalit at this tent at the side of the road here.   He has been in prison in Gaza for over 4 years now.

About a week earlier there was a few minutes silence to remember the Shoah (the holocaust) during World War II.   This holiday though is a happy ocassion that the Jewish people have their own nation.

In the evening the high streets were packed with partying until late and live music and DJs all around the high streets.

As well as national barbeque day, I guess its also national parking violation day too!  You can’t walk up and down the pavements without squeezing past cars!!