Antiwar Israelis protest in the streets

Few days ago, before the first rocket went in Jerusalem, I was walking along King George Street after visiting a friend to see people with banners and posters being waved and beating a drum.    These Israelis are anti-war protesters that don’t want a ground invasion of Gaza.    Almost everyone here doesn’t want a war.  Those called for duty in the army having a willingness to defend their nation though.

However most people don’t want to be a doormat to terrorists so making sure all traces of terrorist infrastructure are gone from Gaza seems the right idea.

I am not sure how these people propose to fix the issues of rockets coming 20, 40 or 75Km away from Gaza into your own communities though.

Maybe they could protest through the streets of Beer Sheva or Ashdod which is Hamas’s favourite target practice at the moment.

Meanwhile in Russian speaking communities in Israel….

Christmas panto in Russian!

This is quite an unusual sight as Christmas is a non-event apart from Arab Christians and Armenian Christians who live here.

This was outside a shop in Agrippas Street in Jerusalem that sells newspapers, magazines and books in Russian.   Russian speaking people from ex-Soviet states make up at least 15% of the population here.

О нет, это не так!