Magnificent Morocco – 10. Casablanca – Frankly my dear….

casablancamovieOk, I bought this film, but I haven’t seen it yet 🙂

Casablanca is a huge place, and very industrious.   Its night and day compared to Tangier, – like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv or London and Birmingham.

This place has 3.3 million people, its the 5th largest city in Africa.

Often this place is simply known by the locals as ‘Casa’

casa roundabout - 1024

I only spent two days there, it looks pretty modern, more like a large French city.   Perhaps a little cruelly, the guide book I had tells people its not worth visiting.   I did get to see a few surprises though.

casa street pano 1024

Looking closer at some of theses posters, I noticed something that seemed more common as getting further down away from Europe;

berber lang

These symbols show one of the Berber languages, that’s native to Morocco.  Actually theres at least 3 of these, and more types of this in the other north African nations.

Apparently, only 10% of Moroccans are pure Arabs, most of the people are ethnically Berbers or a mix of Berber and Arab.

DSCF8212 1024

The city centre looks quite fresh and modern, and this lightrail tram looks really similar to the new one in Jerusalem.

DSCF8220 1024

DSCF8221 1024

Government buildings, grand, bold, beautiful and unmistakably Moroccan.

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