Magnificent Morocco – 24. Lost in a maze on the streets of Fez

Fez is a big and ancient city and difficult to navigate around

fez entrance

Once you get past this grand entrance to the old city, it gets really difficult to navigate around.

DSCF8417 1024

See this map on my phone?  its a lie, there is about 10 times more denser collection of the streets than this!!

The other problem is, everywhere you go folks see you as a way to make money.  They will want to be friends with you and be a tour guide and offer you to go their Uncle’s shop for carpets, ornaments or spices, or in my case also, as a single man, offers of cannabis.   I’m sure there’s plenty of extra interest if you happen to be female as well 😦

I’m partly used to this living in a country with this kind of culture, but it is quite hard work at times and you want to be left alone.

This is probably a country you want to get around in with as a group.


jewish door bellI often saw this diagrams on the walls around old Fez, our guide told us this for for voting, Morocco is democratic and people vote by chalking (I think) on these walls which are marked by a number and a symbol representing a political party. Several times I went past this strange door with a bell next to a message in English, Arabic, French and Hebrew, I will explain later….

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