Magnificent Morocco – 25. Music festival to unite the Middle East and Africa – except Israel

Conversations I’ve had with Christians involved in Israel in recent months has been “I’ve heard Morocco is an Islamic country which has great relationships with Israel and Jews”   – Part of this is true looking at some of the history which is still here and treasured.   But there is little information of what relationship there is between Israel and Morocco.


When I first got to Fez, I saw this poster.   I love middle eastern music, and see many bands in Israel which have western and middle eastern music done by Jewish and Arab people, (like this) and this sees like my kind of thing, although I didn’t see any English or French translation.

On closer look the flags picture shows a complete omission of Israel.    This street I’m on is called “Rue Palestine”    – oh well 😦 I left to go and find somewhere for lunch and check into my hostel.

I did see groups of Israelis on tour here, more soon.

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