Lance Lambert, author, speaker, prophet and British gent in Israel 1931-2015

Got a message today to report the sad passing of Lance Lambert, a British man who was a well known author on theology and Israel in prophecy.   The interesting thing was I was at my parents house last week and found and old book of his that fell out of a shelf.

lance book2 lance book1

lanceLance was someone I got know very well personally.   Quite a few young people in their 20s and 30s doing volunteer work for various Christian organisations got to have bible study or get-togethers at his house.   Not only was Lance a worldwide renowned speaker and author he was very hospitable, but as a single man who never married who had a few health problems, he always had people helping him at his home, cooking, looking after his pets (3 parrots, 2 dogs, 2 cats) and going on tour with him.   Lance was high in demand in churches and Christian events, so would usually go to the US and Canada every summer, to the UK and other parts of Europe but when he was younger would go to China.   He would always have volunteers to help with his travel arrangements and getting him on flights, hence I came good friends with Christians of similar age with folks like Nathan, Josh, Shlomo, Basti, Stephen, Richard and Michael who worked for Lance at different times.

Goldie at Christmas2Oddly we had a lot of fellowship when Lance was not there, as he left a budget for his housekeepers to have people over dinner.   We were kept amused by films, card games, Lance’s old and fascinating house full of antiques and of course his animals.    The three parrots he had, one would screech loudly, another would join in, and the other one was friendly and amenable and would talk and mimic the doorbell, telephone and the dogs barking.  Lance’s house was in a historical part of Yemen Moshe, Jerusalem close to the famous King David Hotel and the “Yimca” (Israeli word for the YMCA)   he emigrated in Israel from the UK in 1980, he lost some of his family in the holocaust.

Tuesday would normally be bible study for crowd of us, sometimes just 8, there could be as many as 25.   Lance and his friend Chuck an American Messianic leader would discuss what was currently happening in the news, and talks usually stuck to particular book ie Romans or Revelation.

Since I left Israel in 2013, I knew the Lance’s health was causing him some challenges, but he would always speak at the Feast of Tabernacles event run by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, as many Christians would come to this event as a huge praise and worship event.   Lance has given prophecies about world events these been have documented on his web site, some of these have already been realised such as the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I will miss Lance, he is a wonderful British gent who was highly knowledgeable on the bible, gracious, hospitable with a passion to speak about the Lord all over the world.

Some of Lance’s books:-  (many translated to lots of different languages)

Israel a secret documentry 1975 (these years might not be right, as some of been re-printed)
Battle for Israel 1976
Uniqueness of Israel 1980
Israel The unique land the unique people 1981
Till the day dawnss 1982
God can do it without me 1991
Thou art mine 1991
Reignin with Christ 1992
Jerusalem the covenant city 2000
Jacob I have Loved 2008
The eternal purpose of God, salvation is not the end, but just the beginning 2009
Explainig Spiritual protection 2012
Let the house of God be built 2012
If any man would follow me 2012
They Shall Mount up with Wings 2012
The glory of Thy People Israel 2012
In the day of thy power 2013
Warring the Good Warfare 2013
Be ye ready 2013
Spiritual Character 2013
My house shall be a house of prayer 2014
The Battle of the Ages 2014
What is God doing? 2015
The supremacy of Jesus Christ 2015

Lance’s official web site – His books on Amazon UK now

lances web siteFrom one of books;

Lance Lambert is one of the most distinguished Bible scholars and speakers in Israel today and has an itinerant teaching ministry worldwide. Born in 1931, Lance grew up in Richmond, Surrey and came to know the Lord at twelve years of age. He entered the school of African and Oriental studies at London University to prepare for work in China. He studied Classical Chinese, Mandarin, Oriental Philosophy and Far Eastern History, but the revolution closed the door to European missionaries and his entry into China. In the early 1950’s Lance served in the Royal Air Force in Egypt and later founded Halford House Christian Fellowship in Richmond, England. Having discovered his Jewish ancestry Lance became an Israeli citizen in 1980 and now has his home next to the Old City of Jerusalem. His father and many members of his family died in the Holocaust. Lance is noted for his eschatological views, which place him in the tradition of Watchman Nee and T. Austin-Sparks. He produces a widely appreciated quarterly audio recording called the Middle East Update, which gives his unique perspective on current events in the Middle East, in the light of God’s Word. He has written numerous books and is presenter of the video production, Jerusalem, the Covenant City.