Fascist group threats London Jewish community


I went to London’s Golders Green district yesterday.   I went to see a friend who a Messianic Jew there to drop off a gift and have a good chat.

antijewish rally in londonI was appalled to hear that a neo-fascist group want to march through this area.


Just walking around, it feels like a small piece of Israel, observant Jews in traditional distinctive clothing and some of them talking in Hebrew.    There is a lot of restaurants and shops that are kosher certified or have things in a window for a Jewish audience.

The only sign this event was taking place in the community was a small poster in the local Tesco Express.

It seems now today, this event has been moved to another part of London. I would of hoped there would be no place for things like this to be tolerated in 2015.

Please pray this will be cancelled and will not be allowed to stir up hatred.

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