Surge in interest of French Jews wanting to move to Israel

I started writing this particular blog article in 2012 but never finished it – since then much has happened, with Islamic terror and harassment towards Jews in France earlier this year.

Interesting article on big interest in Aliyah (immigration to Israel) on the excellent Elder of Ziyon blog today:

There was a wave of people coming out of Russia and the ex-Soviet states, the US, seeing as France has the large number of Jews and Muslims in Western Europe, its logical there will be new immigrants soon.

France has about 600,000 Jews.    On this year’s trip (July 2015) I saw a lot of construction happening ready for an expanding population and different friends of mine have heard more French being spoken in the last year.  Exciting times I think.

Not all the French Jews may move to Israel, I think some have already left for UK, US and Canada.  I think the Israel government should hire a exhibition centre in France and set up a dedicated event with stands and people speaking to really sell the idea of aliyah for French Jews.

This shop I saw in Jerusalem has Tanakhs (jewish Old Testaments) and Jewish books and Judaica in French.

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