Norway – Bergen’s fish market

bergen market pano sI found that Norway is the biggest exporter of fish in the world.   I thought it would interesting to see the history of how production of fish has changed over the years and its impact on the economy and society.


So on the bus ride into the city centre there was a fish market on the electronic screen.

This odd looking building on the top left, has a upmarket restaurant in the top wooden part, with a glass walled ground floor with an open fish market.

This isn’t a general type of fish market but really a smaller place to show case all the premium type seafood products.   Everything here is really expensive.


DSCF8679sLive lobsters ready to take home, with rubber bands on their claws.

This place is great, but I was hoping there was a huge place to buy all different types of fish directly from the port.   It seems you have to go to Stavanger to do this, which is 2-4 hours drive away.

I found an interesting bakery in Bergen that has pastries with fish in them and breaded type fish products.  Everything in Norway is really expensive so I didn’t actually visit any restaurants beside a bar which did burgers.

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