Norway – The city of Bergen

In October 2015, I felt like another break, wanting a long weekend trip ideally somewhere hot with lots of history to explore.   I looked at Turkey and Greece, but couldn’t find any flights with in my budget, also with both 4-5 hours away, this could leave most of the day just trying to make connections.

My parents have just come back from a cruise which one of the places with Bergen.   After checking some flight comparison sites, flights are very reasonable and its only 2 hours away from Gatwick.

I actually remembered I have a friend from my old church in Jerusalem, who is Norwegian.   After finding him on Facebook it turns out he lives in the city of Stavanger which is another 4 hours away.   So I spent most of time just checking out Bergen itself.bergen landscape - Copy This is the view from my youth hostel.   Its up on a hill in a leafy street overlooking the main city with some fantastic views over the rolling hills and harbour.    The back end of the youth hostel is mostly where the smokers hang out, but theres also a place for barbeque which no one was using.   Mind you it was late October.   Actually I found Bergen to be no colder than London at the moment.

Norway – The city of Bergen – Days of the week – Norway and Judeo/Christian influence – Bergen’s fish market – Electric automotive Utopia – Bergen’s forest of Christmas

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