Norway – Electric automotive Utopia


Tesla Motors Brings Revolutionary Supercharger to Europe With Launch Across Norway

This is a Teslar, one of the most best but relatively common electric cars in Norway at the moment.   This relatively unheard of car brand has only really taken off in recent years.


I was actually quite amazed how Norway has so many different electric cars driving around, that pure electric vehicles make up 13% of new car sales now.   I saw Nissan Leafs, Renault Zoes, VW e-Up and e-Golfs, and outside a government office there were two Peugeot Partner vans plugged into a street mounted charger point.   I used to drive a diesel version of this vehicle in my last work place and I never knew an electric version existed.

In Israel they had a good go at selling a electric vehicle using the Renault Fluence ZE model (which is a saloon version of the Megane mk III)  but the company who ran the system “Better Place” eventually went bankrupt and Israeli motorists for some reason stuck to buying crummy Mazdas instead.

The best effort Europe and North America has had at towards moving away from fossil fuel based vehicles and taxes of petrol has been the ever popular Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicle which has a reputation of the dullest car in history despite its popularity, and hated by car enthusiasts.

broken electric carI think Norway has had some electric cars for a while with some years before acceptance by the Norwegian people, I saw a few G-wizz and similar tiny plastic cars which look awful.   I spotted this vehicle which appears to be partly dismantled and few others in driveways which appear non-functional, maybe because of enormously high cost of a new battery assembly?

Interesting links on Norway’s electric car success 

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