Meet a blogger. Want to meet me or try out my church in London?

After blogging for nine years about different things I’ve seen in various countries I have been to particularly and places that had historical value in works of Jesus, I’ve decided to do something new and different.

As a Christian, I often read about exciting testimonies of those recently following Jesus, some from those from different parts of the world which don’t have an established body of Christ or those from a different religious background.

I know it can be hard to show up to a church for the first time, and even with a welcome team, it can be a bit awkward.   It’s often better when going to a new church to go with someone you know.

See this picture above? This is my church Calvery Shoreline Church near Camden in London that I go to. In fact, this is a very small congregation of about 12-15 of us, which is a separate church which borrows the building of the main church meeting.   I’m not a pastor or leader, just a ordinary guy who writes online.

  • Are you new to London and looking for a community to join? Single, couple or family.
  • Are you looking to change from another church?
  • Are you from a different religious background with questions about the Christian faith or the works of Jesus?
  • Done Christian mission stuff? or just on holiday in London? want to go and visit for holiday or volunteer places related to the bible? I like chatting to people on these things.
  • Just want to meet and chat?

I’ve met up with other bloggers a few times, and other folks from different backgrounds both living in Jerusalem and London.

I notice some people may have a casual interest in faith, or joining or re-joining a community but don’t know where to start.

Want to meet me and come to my church? we can meet and have coffee before if you want.   I like churches with great teaching, worship and warm community.   I moved from a massive 600 seat church to this place around March 2018 and I’d like to open an invitation to anyone else who is looking for a place to fellowship.

I often go to this park before church, there are some great coffee places near by like this one.

So please message me here or privately, do tell me a bit about your background.