Andorra – 10. Overall & Europe’s biggest secret?

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I’m glad I went to Andorra after I went to Luxembourg.  Luxembourg is old, has nice railways in big viaducts of the city, but Andorra is so much better!

Andorra is different because it has some many qualities that make it something of a tiny undiscovered utopia.   Here’s why;

  • Unemployment is only 3%
  • Salaries similar to UK.   Could be a great place to live you like me you work in IT and maybe a hospital or a school or banking.
  • 10% income tax and 3% VAT
  • It’s in the Pyrenees mountains!
  • There is almost no crime, one murder maybe every 4 years.
  • No problem with the possibility of Catalan state dividing Spain, that’s in Barcelona.  This little nation has a good amount of political stability.   Its already a Catalan speaking nation, with Spanish as a close second language.
  • Cheap property starting at 85k (Euros) where you are almost guaranteed to get nice views of the mountains out of the window.
  • Plenty of places to go shopping, nothing is far away.
  • Good healthcare system, I’m not sure why, but Andorran people have some of the longest life expectancies in the world.

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I am probably going to get in trouble for this – it’s not part of the EU!  When UK leaves on 29 March 2019, you could sit in your cosy little apartment which you can afford on a normal salary, keep more of your wages to raise a family and have fun in outdoors and drink Spanish hot chocolate or 2 Euro bottle of wine, relax and watch people have a meltdown on social media.

The only downside is for Christians like me, I don’t think this country has much faith here.   There is one Anglican church I think.   But you know what.   Someone could take on the job of moving there and planting house churches in these small towns.

You definitely need a car here.    Buses are fine, but it is hard to get in and out of this little state.  If you can learn the Catalan language and also speak Spanish, this could be a wonderful place to live.

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As part of my little countries travel and social media experiment, I really want to visit Liechtenstein in 2019, which is another tiny state next to Switzerland, stay tuned.

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