Bratislava, Slovakia 2. River Danube

What’s interesting is Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest all share the beautiful Danube river.

Austria borders with Slovakia and Hungary, and they are all in the EU.

Slovakia only adopting the Euro currency in 2007, and Hungary using their own proprietary currency called the Forint.  Yet, there is quite a big economical divide between them, as Austrians earn double the salary of the other two.

I wasn’t sleeping on the bus, but I didn’t actually notice the border when went over it.   I just suddenly saw roadsigns in another language that was different from German.

IMG_20180326_170925165 1024

IMG_20180327_083859312 1024Just to the left of this concrete wall is the bus station where you can arrive into Bratislava via Flixbus.

Next to the river Danube where I am standing is a castle, and the government buildings.

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