Budapest, Hungary – 1. Feeling Hungary

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To get to Budapest actually required going backwards to Vienna and then in a different direction.   The border between Austria and Slovakia seemed invisible, whereas here, there is a restaurant and a petrol station demarking the two countries but nothing more formal than that.

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IMG_20180327_142645632 10241000 Hungarian Forints is worth UK£2.50.   Or, coffee and a decent bag of pastries.  Hungary is cheap and this place was good to find a few minutes getting off the bus.

While I was (2018) here, it was just before the Hungarian elections.   Some poster like these had big concern over uncontrolled immigration whereas other parties had other priorities.

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IMG_20180328_174134864 1024

Want to be a musician without instruments?  This guy had the right idea.

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Hungary – 1. Feeling Hungary – 2. Jewish Hungary and the Grand Synagogue – 3. soon

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