Budapest, Hungary – 2. Jewish Hungary and the Grand Synagogue

IMG_20180328_122446218 1024

This is the Grand Synagogue in Budapest, its the biggest in Europe and No.2 in the world (the #1 is actually in New York)

This is both a live functioning place of worship and also a museum at the same time.

budapest synagogue 1024

The French flag is there for a waiting place for a tour guide.  There are tours for Hungarian, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Hebrew speaking visitors.    This is a truly incredible looking temple, every fitting and decoration appears to have done with the utmost quality and case.

IMG_20180328_134921536 1024 IMG_20180328_133103935 1024

This spiral staircase looks great, I ended up seeing another later when I went to Trinity College (which is Christian, in Dublin, Ireland)     On the right, a big collection of candelabras used for lighting Shabbat candles.

I think Hungary was hit very hard by the Shoah (Holocaust) but there are items from then, and also from happier times when this was a bustling place for celebrating Jewish holidays.

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