Israel like every other country still needs Yeshua (Jesus)

I saw this advert in Hebrew popped up on social media for a festival called Desert Ashram in the Negev village of Shittim in Israel which has 30 permanent residents.    (You will need Google translate)

Some of my Israeli friends have told me about these events.   You can see the fun-loving hippy spirit in many Israelis where they can get away from the rat race, enjoy the outdoors, camp and see live music.

I totally connect with this, as I love travelling and seeing places from the bible and famous films, I managed to meet Israelis when I have been travelling in Morocco, China, Ireland, Hungary and Germany by accident, as my ear has become tuned to picking up spoken Hebrew language.

As well as seeing religious and historical places, during the time I lived in Israel, I went to see concerts of secular Israeli music in bars (but I like Israeli Hebrew worship music too) also I like camping, hiking and exploring and I’m a bit anti-authority.

On the other hand, looking at a translation for this event shows lots of things of a completely different spiritual experience, Hindu/Kundalini, Buddhism, New Age, Tarot cards, and similar, which are forbidden in the bible.

Why is this?  I think often Israelis get jaded with religion and need to find a break.   Often, there is a need to cry out and ask questions about the meaning of existence.

On a few occasions, I’ve heard exciting stories from Israeli Messianic Jewish evangelists who show some chutzpah who go to these places to chat, pray with them, and tell them the gospel, as its probably one of the best opportunities for young Israelis to hear the authentic message of the Jewish Messiah.

This and this mentions more on festivals in this particular desert community.

Bratislava, Slovakia 2. River Danube

What’s interesting is Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest all share the beautiful Danube river.

Austria borders with Slovakia and Hungary, and they are all in the EU.

Slovakia only adopting the Euro currency in 2007, and Hungary using their own proprietary currency called the Forint.  Yet, there is quite a big economical divide between them, as Austrians earn double the salary of the other two.

I wasn’t sleeping on the bus, but I didn’t actually notice the border when went over it.   I just suddenly saw roadsigns in another language that was different from German.

IMG_20180326_170925165 1024

IMG_20180327_083859312 1024Just to the left of this concrete wall is the bus station where you can arrive into Bratislava via Flixbus.

Next to the river Danube where I am standing is a castle, and the government buildings.

1. Austria’s neighbour and travel hacks2. River Danube – 3. soon


Bratislava, Slovakia 1. Austria’s neighbour and travel hacks

This trip was part of something I did during April of 2018.   I got invited to a wedding in Vienna, Austria.    This couple is friends I know from London, a Christian and a Messianic Jew.

Another friend of mine, his mum works in an airport on the outskirts of London (Standsted) let me know a few industry secrets; a cheaper way to get to Vienna is to fly to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia and take a bus over.

So this interesting airline ‘hack’ meant I then decided to see a few other places after the wedding.

This journey according to Google is 75km and one hour, but its a little longer than that, as the bus stops at the city centre and the airports of both nations.  It’s widely believed that the two closest captial cities in the Europe are Helsinki, Finland and Tallin, Estonia, but this is more at 90km. (by boat)

Popular German coach company Flixbus did a great deal to get over, although I recommend prebooking on your smart phone as the first bus when I got off the airport was full from prebooked passagers.

Austria is nice, but I’ve already been there before when I was doing some IT work the previous summer, and I love the Ringstrasse and the theatres and concerts there.   My friends who also came to the wedding all went home, so I took a bit more days off to see some of Eastern Europe.

1. Austria’s neighbour and travel hacks2. River Danube – 3. soon