San Marino 4. City of Rimini

So I got to Rimini, this is a nice coastal city that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. It is still in Italy, but I’m getting closer.

Here is this nice river that leads to the sea. The three very formal ships marked “Guardia Finanza” I think this is for checking for smuggling or contraband over from Croatia. I’m sure these cops could be ready in a Split (ha ha)

There is a pier with this interesting fairground ride, a far smaller one than the London Eye.

I stayed in the Sunflower hostel, which is close to the beach. I got a free room upgrade, instead of the dorm, which was nice. I noticed something interesting about this balcony door. These belt-driven roll down shutters which when opened sit in a wooden box above the door, as the exactly the same as the ones I see in almost every apartment I have seen in Israel.

This was a really nice place with just local Italians from other parts of the country staying. Chatting to the owner, he was wondering if hostels would make it through the current crisis.

This car that had San Marino plates was outside by hostel. Actually there are quite a few. San Marino has more cars than people. So I guess people can buy a vehicle without taxes in this tiny country even if they don’t live there.

The next day, I was going to hike up to the border with San Marino and up the Mount Titano to the next place.

1. Planning visit to my final tiny country – 2. Flying to Italy for the price of two pizzas – 3. Getting there from Bologna via Rimini – 4. City of Rimini – 5. Walking from Rimini to San Marino – 6. What sort of mini country is this – 7. Serraville, San Marino’s northern town – 8. San Marino’s only youth hotel – 9. Castles in the sky – 10. Safe up the top – 11. The tall centre of community of San Marino – 12. novelty shops, post office and passport stamps – 13. The government buildings and plaza – 14. Automobiles – 15. The three towers – 16. What I didn’t see & finishing up