San Marino 5. Walking from Rimini to San Marino

I set off in the morning, and ended up walking one of these white roads across to this tiny country.

The road went over a motorway and a river, which looked very dried up (this was October 2020)
Off this small country road was this place, I need to show my parents this place, this was the best garden centre ever, lots of cacti and fruit trees, mostly taller than me.
I’m intrigued to know about this tiny church. A place for farm workers to worship during their breaks?
Vines have produced a decent crop.

Finally, after 13kms of walking, this sign was where I got to San Marino. The actual formal border is on a different road, the main dual carriage way. Instead I realised I got there with a turning off that main road, via this VW dealership and a collection of factories.

A lady in a VW Golf suddenly stopped her car and gestured to me, and told me, I wasn’t supposed to take a picture of the signs, as this was illegal and said I should delete the pic. She had some t-shirt with a weird homemade logo on it. I am not sure if I stumbled on an obscure tiny fascist country, or this woman was the local nutter.

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