San Marino 14. Automobiles

This isn’t really a car obsessed country like Monaco, but there are a few cool interesting cars.

Like a lot of garages in the UK, the workers have some project cars, and these were round the side…. The 1920s looking one has US plates, and the car behind I think is a Lancia from the 1960s. Top is a cool 90s Ford Escort Cosworth, the rest of the vehicles are having body repair.

There is also a McDonalds above the garage, which has closed down! Where as McDonalds seems to be the only restaurant that can withstand tough trading conditions in hospitality, here it seems there maybe no love for MaccyDs. I found a pretty good Italian pizza place for my dinner on my first evening staying at SM.

Not all the cars are exotic or vintage, further down the hill was a dealer specialising in microcars, these are tiny cars with a 2 stroke engine, which if the regulations might be the same as the UK, they can be driven with a motorcycle licence. I think I saw some of these in France years ago, but now these look crude and plasticy and worse when you consider electric car technology has matured, they shouldn’t be using lawnmower engines in small cars now.

Outside of the city centre, houses here are luxurious enough to have a driveway or even gates to put your vehicle in. Some have a ‘Batcave’ style underground car park underneath the apartment blocks.

This early model Fiat 500 with RSM plates might be the coolest car in San M.. no wait, actually there is in someone’s front garden in nearby Rimini, Italy.

1. Planning visit to my final tiny country – 2. Flying to Italy for the price of two pizzas – 3. Getting there from Bologna via Rimini – 4. City of Rimini – 5. Walking from Rimini to San Marino – 6. What sort of mini country is this – 7. Serraville, San Marino’s northern town – 8. San Marino’s only youth hotel – 9. Castles in the sky – 10. Safe up the top – 11. The tall centre of community of San Marino – 12. novelty shops, post office and passport stamps – 13. The government buildings and plaza – 14. Automobiles – 15. The three towers – 16. What I didn’t see & finishing up

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