Magnificent Morocco – 9. Getting the train to Casablanca

So, only one night in Tangier and I’m off on my way to Casablanca….DSCF8146 1024

DSCF8147 1024

I get a taxi to the railway station, I’m excited about leaving from the most north west corner of Africa by train.   This station has its a sort of unique Moroccan charm about it.

DSCF8149 1024

The railway system here is pretty good, trains are fairly modern, and clean.    Some white overalled women come along and remove rubbish from your carriage ever so often.

DSCF8150 1024

The journey is quite slow though, with some long stops at some isolated stations and at signals.

Oddly, Google doesn’t show lines for Morocco’s railway, so only given me time and path for driving.   I think it was maybe 4 or 5 hours for this journey.

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