Glow of light in valley in Jerusalem during day of rage

I am away working in Karmiel in the middle of the Galilee at the moment,

During the Palestinian day of rage, there was fear about riots in the street, now one person died in Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv, and there were a few cars set on fire and stoning, but a far less worse that people feared it could of been.

I heard helicopters above my flat, and a lot of police and army in the city which gave me a lot assurance as a lot of people had been dreading this day for fear of violence.   We had been told not to go near any Arab areas.

Before I went to church on sunday I went off early to meet a friend for coffee, when I was cycling along the park which is at the top of hill near my house, I saw this:-

I didn’t have a proper camera on me so this was done on a phone, I ‘stretched’ this picture by joining up the pics together from the phone, but other than that, I have not altered anything, ie: brightness etc.

The glow of the light through the clouds made these apartment look bright.   I think these flats there are Jewish although surrounded by mostly Arab buildings.

Minutes later this glow moved along a bit towards the troubled district of Silwan.

Just a pattern from the clouds or a symbol of God’s eternal covenant?   Either way it was a nice sight.

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