Sukkah tent shows pathway into Jerusalem Jesus plans to take

Last week, I was out and about at the Shuk (open air market) and notice some people have the tents already up for Sukkot, this was a few weeks early, I suppose just like us folks in Britain complain the shops display Christmas stuff in late September.

There was something different about this tent though;

I really like the illustrations of Jerusalem from long ago on this Sukkah, its beautifully done.   The shapes of these buildings in the old city are easily recognisable from the ones from today, just there is a busy main road where people are taking camels through.

The Golden Gate!

This side is quite exciting, as this shows this special gate which visited twice before (see here) as its where the scriptures tell us our Lord Jesus will return via this side of the city.   Only thing is if you look at my previous blog article you will see the distinctive double archway entrance is blocked up and has an Arab cemetery in front of it, trees, thorny bushes and railings stopping anyone from making a path to there.   Actually these specifically placed obstacles aren’t going to stop our Lord and King from his return, which is probably soon!

Wonder if anyone could mention who did these nice illustrations.

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