Magnificent Morocco – 21. The tannery

The Moroccans are very talented at making jackets and bags.

I went past the tannery which has been here for centuries.

DSCF8391 1024

This place still uses traditional processes to dye and treat leather.   These pools have men leave skins in there to achieve the desired colour then leave them to dry on the roofs and balconies.

DSCF8397 1024

The dyes range from vegetable (I think beetroot) and pigeon poo.

DSCF8393 1024

There is a nice veranda to stand on and look across the old city.   On your way out you will got through the showrooms of bags, men’s wear and women’s wear where you will battle to get out without the hard sell. 🙂    I think the treated fabrics are stitched in people’s homes who then bring them to the stores to be sold.

I got a nice brown jacket for about £100.   The usual practice of haggling is necessary, so much less than 50% of the original asking price is to be aimed for.

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