Visit to Malta – Go to Gozo

Gozo is an island of the north west of Malta, a pretty simple ferry ride over.

IMG_20141202_131756429 - Copy

IMG_20141202_131926379 - Copy

Getting around feels a bit like a childhood trip to the Isle of Wight, on a open top bus.    Met some pleasant other British chaps on a tour around.

gozo pano1 - Copy

Pleasant closed off bays with marinas and hotels

gozo pano - Copy


The Azure Window does sound like a Microsoft application, but in Gozo its a famous landmark made out of limestone.   In Maltese it is Tieqa Żerqa.

gozo pano4 - Copy

There was a big fort here.   Wish I wrote this article last year while I could remember my trip better.   I remember there was a big grain silo here, this was needed in World War II, as Malta doesn’t produce much of its own food, stock piling materials was needed as no transport was going and in out meaning the Nazis would of starved the Maltese to death.

St Julians Bay – Quite homely for the British – Marsaxlokk – Valletta the old capital – Community in Malta – The best nativity scenes in Europe? – Go Gozo

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  7. Hi Jonathan. I was searching for contact information on your website to ask you a few questions about traveling to Israel as a Christian, ulpans and whatnot. I would appreciate a reply. Great pics, very inspiring.

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