Trip to Turkey 12. The Open Air Museum and cave churches

After the disappointment of seeing the first church shut, going to the Open Air museum of Goereme is the best place to see all of the cave churches.

cappa open air museum 1024

cappa me outside museum 1024.jpg

These cave churches have painting as sophisticated as a conventional cathedral.

DSCF9079 1024

Outside of each of the churches seems to security guards.   They forbid people to take pictures.   Using a flash is thought to make the colours fade, the security guards have a boring job and are mostly playing with their phones, so I can sneakily get a few pics when they aren’t looking.

DSCF9074 1204  DSCF9075 1024

The amazing looking paintings seem to vary in conditions.  Most have been heavily scratched by age and vandals.   Some further away from the sunlight have keep their colours better.

DSCF9077 1024

There is at least 20 different churches to visit in this park alone.   There are hundreds and hundreds all over Cappadocia.

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