My friend Mazzen Arab evangelist who loves Jews and Israel

Here is a great testimony of my good friend Mazzen Warra, he is an Arab believer from Palestinian city of Ramallah, but lives in the US, we met at King of Kings Church in Jerusalem through another Arab friend of mine, where he has a deep love of Jewish and Arab people.

mazzenMy name is Mazzen. I was born in Israel in 1971. born in the west bank town called Ramallah. I came to America in 1973. my mother and father were separated. I was raised by my Grandmother. I was abused by my family and at the age of 11 i started to smoke marijuana which led me to cocaine.. which led me to crack. and was addicted to pornography. I was going through anxiety and depression. I Thought about committing suicide. and I also had hate in my heart toward Jewish people. because I was brainwashed into believing that the Jews were the ones who took my land. this way thinking led me to go to Palestinian protests against Israel. Than 20 years ago at the age of 20 I was at the Israeli Embassy shouting. ”Death To Israel”. I’ve been to Israel many times and there i was part of the Palestinian uprising called “Intifada” there I threw stones at the Israeli soldiers and had been shot at many times.

Than in 2006 something happened in my life. after a bad relationship with a woman. i was left empty and depressed. and had no hope.. At that point an uncle of mine, told me. would you like to go to Virginia with me, than at that point in time my uncle who is a believer in Jesus.. told me that Yeshua Jesus can give me hope, peace, joy. and is able to fill me up with his presence.. As we were going and returning from Virginia, the Holy Spirit began to touch me.. than as I returned to NJ. i was driving my car. and for the very first time I said ”Jesus if you are real. change my life and I will walk with you the rest of my life and never go back to the world” Than the Lord led me to a church called Faith Fellowship in Sayerville NJ.  I went there on a Thursday night and they had a play on the Birth of Jesus showing.. At the end of the play, they made an alter call for salvation. At that time i raised my hand to receive Jesus. In that moment i saw people cheering and clapping for me. and all of Heaven opened up in that place with a Beautiful light.. I was given a CD and a Bible. and in the weeks to come the lord continually brought me back to the church. In the 2 months that i was going to Church. God healed all my suffering all my brokenness and all the pain i was feeling including the emotions I was feeling from the broken relationship.. I started to serve as an usher at Faith Fellowship, than began to work in the prison ministry that went to Middlesix county Jail. And than I fell in love with reaching through street evangelism and preaching the gospel on the streets all over NJ with fire, zeal, and passion.. after 3 years i moved on from Faith Fellowship.

 One day I was driving and put the radio on to 570 am christian radio, and heard a broadcast of “The Two Nice Jewish boys” with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Gary Seldman.  The Lord at that moment told me to call in to the show and speak with Rabbi Jonathan. I felt the anointing and spoke with passion and fire to Jonathan about my personal testimony and he invited me to Beth Israel. on a Friday. and when i went he came up to me without knowing my face and asked me if I was Mazzen, than he told me to come and sit in the front area,. at the end of the service he asked me if i would be able to pray the Aaronic blessings in Arabic after he says it in Hebrew. so i was blessed to do it. I returned the following Sunday, and continued to return thereafter. and eventually became a member. I’m now an Usher at Beth Israel Messianic Congregation,and also a commissioned minister here in the church,I work on the building, and am a missionary with the Spanish Ministry to South America. It was here I began to build a Love for the Jewish people and there culture. And realized that the Jews and the Arabs are not enemies because they are the seed of Abraham through Issac and Ishmael.

Fast forward 20 years from the time i was persecuting the Israel and her people. I found myself in the same place praying and blessing Israel with my Shofar with brothers and sisters in Christ with great love.

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