Trip to Turkey 19. Grapes of Tarsus

tarsus municipality

What do you think of with Paul’s home town of Tarsus? actually this place is famous for grapes as you can see on the logo outside the municipality buildings.

tarsus old houses 1024

It seems almost every other house in Tarsus has a frame for vines.


Even on top of this really tiny little office.   Every spare bit of roof space can be used.

tarsus street with vines 1024.jpg

DSCF9162 1024With every  Turkish man and his dog growing grapes you expect to be lots of wine for sale right?

Well, I looked in various small corner stores and even a big western style supermarket and I couldn’t find anyone with locally made stuff.  So this bottle I got which is actually made in the eastern city of Izimir.

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