Trip to Turkey 13. The Ihlara Vadisi Plani Canyon

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The canyon.   A little bit of a drive from Goereme.

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Quite an incredible view!   There is quite a lot of steps to the bottom.

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This place in the middle of the bottom of the canyon offered juice stands and a simple cafe, and a small mosque/prayer place in a shed.   Looks like its probably a popular place for camping.

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This was a great place to have lunch, in this building by the river.   I got chatting to a man on our group who happened to be a pastor from Los Angeles, it was great to talk about biblical history in the whole middle east area.

There are different cave churches around the canyon.  Our group leader told us that there was a population exchange with Greece in 1924, so most of the Christians have gone.

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Up here was a cave church with some unusual discoveries in….

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