Visit to Malta – St Julians Bay

Last year I visited Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean which sits half way between Europe and North Africa.

In actual fact, October of last year I was get fed up with my job and needed a break, I have meaning to visit Malta for years as I have a friend over there and lots of history to see.

st julians bay pano

This is the wonderful St Julians Bay.   I stayed here a lot of the time, I opted to go for a week, going wednesday to wednesday and staying at my friend’s flat at the weekend.

Malta is wonderful as its hot, is both Mediterranean with a slightly British flavour (drives on the left!), uses its own Semitic language (ie: part of the family of languages from Hebrew and Arabic) it seems quite cheap to eat out, and has a part to play in early Christianity when Paul visited.

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St Julians Bay – Quite homely for the British – Marsaxlokk – Valletta the old capital – Community in Malta – The best nativity scenes in Europe? – Go Gozo

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