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Interested in UK based Christians and friends from abroad think about the big changes in the happening to Britain (ie; Brexit) over 2019 and beyond?

A few people I know personally sometimes contribute to this really good blog.   This is really interesting and without hysteria or hype.



Big Jewish school in London UK introduces teaching on Christ

jfs on jesus.png 

This article really encouraged me recently.

Why?  As well as living in Israel as a Christian supporting Jewish people, when I moved to London in 2014 I started doing IT for schools for a big mainstream secondary school close the outskirts of the M25 motorway. I did this for a year and moved on to various other jobs.   More recently in 2017, I worked again for a well known Jewish private school (although not JFS) for just over a year.

I really liked my employer for lots of reasons.  I didn’t even ‘choose’ to work in a school again, and didn’t realise it was Jewish until I drove up to the gates for my last minute interview, I had just finished some contract work for a big famous American company in London’s city centre.  The teaching standard is high, as were the expectations of the pupils.   Unlike the previous place, I rarely saw any kind of fights of bad behaviour.  The staff were great to deal with, although the job was high pressure and the IT setup wasn’t in the greatest of shape and several projects were a long way behind.  Some things made up for it, having Jewish holidays off, and really great canteen which is £2 to each anything you want, the food is kosher of course but a really great choice of healthy and quality meals, I usually had salmon on Wednesday, but also sitting down and eating with staff who about 50% are Jewish, who I know I am a Christian and my interest in Israel and Bible history.

IMG_20180716_140609416 1024

Yes the school has some old interesting bits like this

I learned more things about Jewish culture that I didn’t learn in Israel.   When the school was shut (for the kids) over the summer holidays I was busy working, installing software, testing projectors, in one of the religious studies room, I picked up a Tanakh, (what Jewish people call what Christians call an Old Testament)    these books are the real word of God, but alas has commentaries from Rashi on them that show crucially important texts that predict the coming of Messiah Jesus are actually something different.   But also with this school and about 4 other UK Jewish schools I visited, may have the walls covered pictures, drawings and celebrations related to Jewish holidays, famous Rabbis, photos of Israel, France Netherlands and Poland to see Jewish history, I never actually saw quotes of scripture.  So where the Jewish kids would put on their straps and boxes on their heads faithfully each morning and do prayers, it didn’t occur to me that verses of the bible weren’t ever used to express encouragement or affirmation in a public way like Christians do.   Still, I enjoyed my regular chats with different staff on more lower key (well, this is my workplace) religious matters, and also with things that interest me in computer studies, science, geography, and history.   So what have I learned?   Judaism and Christianity have some wonderful common framework, although different in other ways with certain traditions.

I visited the library, this was moved to another building, the school needed to get rid of some books which were in a box to give away, so I got a nice Hebrew dictionary set, and some smaller books I gave to some close Christian friends who love Israel.    I had to install a new wifi point and replace 5 tired old Core2duo PCs with shiny new HP i5 all in one units.  Whilst there I looked through a religious section which had ‘other religions’ only to not see anything related to the life of Jesus or the New Testament.    There was some teaching on Christianity (which is required by curriculum) but sadly only brief bits on the life of Martin Luther.

So for the JFS to have actually explicit teaching on the life of Jesus Christ is really encouraging news for me, Jewish schools are quite competitive on marketing on getting more submissions for next term, so I am hoping the rest of the Jewish schools would follow suit on not shying away from the best Jewish teacher ever, Yeshua the Messiah.

Matthew 5:17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfil them.” 

AirBNB boycots parts of Israel, so forget them and see places anyway

This morning (20/11/2018) I woke up to BBC Radio 2 at 6am to get ready for work, which mentioned a story about AirBNB deciding to unlist properties in disputed parts of Israel, this is sad. I’ve booked all my travels in hostels in Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, Europe and China using mostly when I travel and see things for myself and not told what to think.   Hostelworld act as a middleman for booking hostels by paying for a deposit in advance and knowing the place isn’t fully booked when you get there (can happen)

AirBNB would be the better choice for a couple, family or a group.   Now being a Christian Zionist, avid traveller and curious about places, this is yet another one of those depressing stories how countries, authorities and businesses ignore the plights of Christians persecuted who live in Muslim majority countries (Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Sudan, etc) and decide to pick on Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

In some weird way this might be a good thing seeing as Israel based companies often succeed better in the holy land than multinational organisations, ie if you look at Eldan car rental is more popular than Hertz Avis Budget etc and Aroma coffee shops out did Starbucks.

This is Hebron by the Tomb of the Patriarchs.   This is considered disputed territory but contains crucial bits of history of Jewish people, and its a place where Jews and Palestinians live.  I’ve not been here and I want to go and see it.   This is a more unstable place to visit.   I think its ok to visit but to go with a tour guide.

AirBNB is one of these internet companies that ‘disrupt’ traditional businesses doing hotels and holiday villas using the power of the internet, and are probably the “go to” brand for many holidaymakers looking to rent a place as part of a trip.

I see this as an opportunity for Israeli businesses to be shrewd and take away some of their business.   Let’s hope Israeli travel companies make a new portal to book places for foreigners that can see the many exciting parts of the country


Meet a blogger. Want to meet me or try out my church in London?

After blogging for nine years about different things I’ve seen in various countries I have been to particularly and places that had historical value in works of Jesus, I’ve decided to do something new and different.

As a Christian, I often read about exciting testimonies of those recently following Jesus, some from those from different parts of the world which don’t have an established body of Christ or those from a different religious background.

I know it can be hard to show up to a church for the first time, and even with a welcome team, it can be a bit awkward.   It’s often better when going to a new church to go with someone you know.

See this picture above? This is my church Calvery Shoreline Church near Camden in London that I go to. In fact, this is a very small congregation of about 12-15 of us, which is a separate church which borrows the building of the main church meeting.   I’m not a pastor or leader, just a ordinary guy who writes online.

  • Are you new to London and looking for a community to join? Single, couple or family.
  • Are you looking to change from another church?
  • Are you from a different religious background with questions about the Christian faith or the works of Jesus?
  • Done Christian mission stuff? or just on holiday in London? want to go and visit for holiday or volunteer places related to the bible? I like chatting to people on these things.
  • Just want to meet and chat?

I’ve met up with other bloggers a few times, and other folks from different backgrounds both living in Jerusalem and London.

I notice some people may have a casual interest in faith, or joining or re-joining a community but don’t know where to start.

Want to meet me and come to my church? we can meet and have coffee before if you want.   I like churches with great teaching, worship and warm community.   I moved from a massive 600 seat church to this place around March 2018 and I’d like to open an invitation to anyone else who is looking for a place to fellowship.

I often go to this park before church, there are some great coffee places near by like this one.

So please message me here or privately, do tell me a bit about your background.

Andorra – 10. Overall & Europe’s biggest secret?

IMG_20181001_190056417-PANO 1024

I’m glad I went to Andorra after I went to Luxembourg.  Luxembourg is old, has nice railways in big viaducts of the city, but Andorra is so much better!

Andorra is different because it has some many qualities that make it something of a tiny undiscovered utopia.   Here’s why;

  • Unemployment is only 3%
  • Salaries similar to UK.   Could be a great place to live you like me you work in IT and maybe a hospital or a school or banking.
  • 10% income tax and 3% VAT
  • It’s in the Pyrenees mountains!
  • There is almost no crime, one murder maybe every 4 years.
  • No problem with the possibility of Catalan state dividing Spain, that’s in Barcelona.  This little nation has a good amount of political stability.   Its already a Catalan speaking nation, with Spanish as a close second language.
  • Cheap property starting at 85k (Euros) where you are almost guaranteed to get nice views of the mountains out of the window.
  • Plenty of places to go shopping, nothing is far away.
  • Good healthcare system, I’m not sure why, but Andorran people have some of the longest life expectancies in the world.

IMG_20180929_141922334 1024

I am probably going to get in trouble for this – it’s not part of the EU!  When UK leaves on 29 March 2019, you could sit in your cosy little apartment which you can afford on a normal salary, keep more of your wages to raise a family and have fun in outdoors and drink Spanish hot chocolate or 2 Euro bottle of wine, relax and watch people have a meltdown on social media.

The only downside is for Christians like me, I don’t think this country has much faith here.   There is one Anglican church I think.   But you know what.   Someone could take on the job of moving there and planting house churches in these small towns.

You definitely need a car here.    Buses are fine, but it is hard to get in and out of this little state.  If you can learn the Catalan language and also speak Spanish, this could be a wonderful place to live.

pano2 1024

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The end.

As part of my little countries travel and social media experiment, I really want to visit Liechtenstein in 2019, which is another tiny state next to Switzerland, stay tuned.

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Andorra – 9. Distilling ideas

I went to this unusual supermarket and tourist shop near my youth hostel in El Tarter.

IMG_20180930_094926576Ok, so lots of British people go to France and Spain to buy cheap alcohol.   But here in Andorra I was shocked how cheap booze can be.

Yes, those are three bottles in a set for 11.98.   Did I mention there are a lot of shop signs in Russian?   This reminded me of the Cappadocia in Turkey also did this as they were a favourite with Russian people.


In my hostel, a young British man, myself and a Canadian woman in her 50s shared a reasonable quality bottle of Spanish wine that was 1 Euro and 79 cents whilst having dinner.   The cheapest bottle of wine I could find in a store in a town just outside of Calgary was $15.

IMG_20180930_095146262 1024

Local made chocolate is pretty good starting from 3 Euros.

IMG_20180930_095357435 1024

Ham, lots and lots of it.   I got a packet of the nice thinly sliced Iberian ham you often get at Christmas and some French bread which made a decent lunch whilst hiking the mountains.  A whole leg of pork is expensive to buy whole though.   Jamon / Jambon is ham in Spanish or French (not jam bun 🙂 )

IMG_20180930_100552161_HDR 1024

Distilling equipment.   Later I found this is possibly not for making your own beverages but more likely for making perfume, as the shop across the road shows.

IMG_20180929_144842051_HDR-EFFECTS 1024Not everything in Andorra is a bargain, in Andorra Le Ville, there are big clothing brands like other glamourous shopping locations.

Andorra seems to blend in its own products as prestige from elsewhere.  Shops in the main city centre had Scotch Whisky and liquors from other places also.

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Andorra – 8. An abundance of cosy mountain apartments

IMG_20180929_140746870I really want to buy a house, but that’s not going to happen in London.

Here are some flats in Andorra advertised in the main part of the city.  One is 85,000 euros!

Some apartment blocks here are boarded up or new builds that aren’t finished.  My experience living in Israel shows that houses in the middle east are sometimes sold without windows, doors, kitchen and bathroom as sometimes the buyer will finish it off with his choice of design.

These flats are 120,000 each and they look new.

This flat needs doing up, as the ad says its ‘in need of modernisation’  Only 49,000.   It’s by the main road and has all those nice views.   The ad was in English, French, Spanish, and German.   But, wait – I’ve illustrated this house not from the blurry picture I took with my phone, but Google Maps, so it has been on the market for four years.  Hmmm.

Spain’s economy is in terrible shape with lots of unemployment but Andorra seems to be a happy contented little nation with 3% unemployment and almost no crime.   To me this looks like a great place to bring up a family in salaries similar to Britain.

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Andorra – 7. No snow, but mountains are still fun

One of the other great things about this country was it was still warm when visiting in late September.  Outside of winter, Andorra has mountain biking and hiking to attract visitors.

It seemed that much of lifts that take you on to the mountains were dismantled and mothballed for the time being.

pano3 1024

This big ticket office and waiting lounge with storage for skis should be really busy during the winter, but I was only there with a tiny handful of people.

IMG_20180930_121043744 1024

I just spent a brief time on top of the hill.

IMG_20180930_123248040 1024

Smaller ski lifts not working.

IMG_20180930_141506024 1024 IMG_20180930_134416895-EFFECTS 1024Mountain golf.   Buy the balls from a vending machine, and practice your swing to hit them off of this platform next to a cafe and try and get them in this small 1m or so wide basket.  Locals keeping the foliage tidy

IMG_20180930_143108106-PANO 1024

On the way out of the lift hall, I could see that big expansion plans for this place.

This was about 3km of so from El Tarter.

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Andorra – 6. El Tarter’s youth hostel and growing little town

I stayed in this place.   It’s on the main road up from the main city.

Actually I keep forgetting that this is a small country this is on one of small handful of main highways in the country.

There aren’t many youth hostels in this little country.   So little competition would mean not so good standards right?

Actually, this youth hostel is outstanding, with a nice shared kitchen, lounge, hot tub, friendly staff and has a 9.8 rating on Hostelworld.

IMG_20181001_095542343 1024

IMG_20181001_114922604 1024  IMG_20181001_092024780_HDR 1024

There is a hot tub and rooms are small-ish but are cosy and this town is a great place for outdoorsy folk who want to explore on a budget.

el tarter car park 1024

There’s a little church on the opposite side of the car park of the youth hostel.   This looks very old, maybe 400+ years old, but the locals told me its shut and opens about twice a year for weddings maybe.

Wikipedia’s Spanish site says this town only had 672 residents in 2014.   There are now 800+ and a lot of new apartments for sale and some not quite finished.

The restaurants and shops here in the town were shut and I didn’t see them open the three days I was here.   Because this resort is based on tourism and I was here in September, and there is no snow, I’m wondering if there is other sources of employment here. 

This hostel I would thoroughly recommend for a solo traveller or couple or a group travelling to Andorra.  Getting to the rest of the country is simple by bus, and you can walk about 3km up a hill to one of the ski lifts.

There is some other ski lifts closer to El Tarter, but these were out of action.   It seemed like these had been partially dismantled and being serviced out of the season.

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Andorra – 5. What sort of mini country is this

and plateWell, Andorra is a principality.  This is a funny term.   It seems to refer to a country that still has a monarchy.    The only other nation that uses a principality term is another little country I visited which was Monaco (Between France and Italy this time)

Andorra doesn’t have a conventional monarchy.  The PM is Antoni Marti.  But there are two part time ‘princes’ one is Catholic Bishop Joan Enric Vives Sicília who lives in Barcelona, and the other is French premiere Emmauel Macron.   Confused?   I was.  I guess Andorra needs a local, and two leaders of ‘parent’ countries, with one knowing French and the other knowing Spanish and Catalan.

Some other bloggers told me they visited Andorra and thought it was boring.   Actually, I liked the small town of St Julia, the main capital city, Andorra la Ville, and the small village of El Tarter next to the mountains where I stayed.   Ok, so this bus station and surrounding town aren’t that exciting, and yes, it’s very touristy with shopping malls and cheap booze and cigarettes.     But I did plenty of walking around seeing what makes the place tick.

IMG_20180929_150638367-PANO 1024

I wanted to see Andorra’s own government buildings.    Here’s is what I think is the main government.    Here’s another perplexing question.   On the left and right, are three flagpoles only populated with one flag in the middle, the blue/yellow/red Andorra flag.   What are the empty ones for.

IMG_20180929_133210621-PANO 1024

Here is the police station.   I don’t know what the little sitting men are on the poles.  They aren’t Buddhas, I think they look more like the thinking Greek man statute.

IMG_20180929_150758207_HDR 1024

Opposite the government offices is this facility.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, there are snow ploughs and maybe its specifically for clearing up the roads in severe weather.

IMG_20180929_133657279 1024

IMG_20180929_140051969-PANO 1024

There’s a decent sized football stadium!   You could maybe watch from up on these mountains instead.

IMG_20180929_162040619 1024

Only maybe 10-15 kilometers away, I’m being dropped by the bus driver to my youth hostel at a small town called El Tarter.   I actually miss the stop as a fall asleep, the driver tells me to stay put and he would drop me of shortly after.    I got to see these cows being herded across the main road.

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