Jaffa – 1: coastal Arab city of Oranges

Whats the first thing you think of when you think of the word Jaffa?

Oranges of course!   Citrus fruit are often see on trees growing on streets all around Israel and leaning over peoples garden walls.  I found a piece of metal which came off a broken electrical fitting to see I can grab myself one.

Walking up a bit north towards Tel Aviv, there is an interesting petrol station by the sea front:

The loos and a small fast food place is inside some citrus fruit shaped buildings as you can see.

Wonder if you can buy these things as a simple cheap beach hut, where you could furnish the insides with a hammock and camping stove?  could be an interesting idea.

Its funny this city is so famous for the orange variety.  Jaffa or more often known as Yaffo, is an Arab town just south of Tel Aviv, although doesn’t feel that big.

After doing some work projects in Karmiel, I spent a weekend here to see my friend who is a Messianic Jew from south America who has just made aliyah (immigrated)   I am thinking this is quite a good place to base yourself to work in Tel Aviv.

Well I took the two oranges I picked and a lime back to the Youth hostel to see if I could make something out of them, I planned to take the lime back home to put on some fish at some point.   This youth hostel in the older part of the city has some perfect views here.

Actually these didn’t taste that good, when juiced, even heavily mixed with water and shoveling generous amounts of sugar, they were too sharp.   Was a fun experiment though as they didn’t cost anything.  Oddly I can’t find any references to any kinds of citrus fruit in the bible.

1. Jaffa – coastal city of oranges

2. Jaffa – Tel Aviv & Jaffa graffiti and wall art

3. Jaffa – Whales and hovering trees


6 comments on “Jaffa – 1: coastal Arab city of Oranges

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