Jaffa – 2. Tel Aviv and Jaffa graffiti and wall art

My youth hostel I stayed at has this amazing view from the roof, it has middle east charm in its main lounge, with the added bonus of a kitchen on the roof which you can just wander out onto and see all around both the sea and the odd mix of where Jaffa meets Tel Aviv.

You often tend to see a lot of graffiti in Israel, in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian, often meaningless, sometimes about the obvious political challenges, and a few not so well known ones.

Often there is a big sense of irony in some of these, and to be honest the only way to stop it is to make a wall a canvas for a legit idea before someone else does from a criminal point of view.

Some of these street art designs are pretty huge efforts!

Not always limited to public places, this tree outside someone’s house, and a torah scroll held up by some hands coming out of the wall, and a garage door with what’s behind it painted on is a neat touch.

This mural brightens up this Arab district of Jaffa very nicely.

This is the weirdest I think, an outdoor project by someone, this is another mock of the Last Supper next to the sea front, with a pile of broken TVs and a Land Rover.   The Hebrew pink writing I can read as Dod Morr (Uncle Morr)   Im sure some arty person will tell me its not bad taste but meant to be ironic or something… hmmmm

These Japanese style cartoon imagery gives this old factory a bit of an interesting twist.

Next: tributes to Jonah and strange levitating plants…

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2. Jaffa – Tel Aviv & Jaffa graffiti and wall art

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8 comments on “Jaffa – 2. Tel Aviv and Jaffa graffiti and wall art

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  4. have been now in Jaffa: unique!!!
    i left it with happiness and great hope for the future!!!

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  8. Hello! Excuse my question: how can I find the graffiti in Jaffa?
    I will appreciate your information!

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