3. Jaffa – Whales and hovering trees

One characteristic of the narrow streets in old Jaffa you don’t have in Jerusalem is these pretty blue plaques on the walls here.

They are quite different from the ceramic tiles often sold by the Armenian Christians who live in Jerusalem Old city quarter.

Is Jaffa mentioned in the bible?  Actually I tried to search and couldn’t find any reference to Jaffa or Yafo at all.

Actually, later I found it is, but it was called Joppa.

This statue of a Whale is a tribute to the biblical story of Jonah who got eaten by a big fish which is thought to be here on the Mediterranean.  It seems the ship was heading to Tarsius, where Paul was from in Asia Minor, what we now call modern day Turkey.

Later after having dinner at an Arab restaurant with my friend, I bid him goodbye and made my way back to my hostel.  I had some troubling things that caught up with me, and the dark and narrow passageways with few people around seemed like a good place to pray – oddly, from a distance I saw this strange looking tree that appeared to be hovering above the ground

Looking closer its a piece of art with the container the tree sits in being held in place by some steel wires adjusted very tightly so it doesn’t move at all.   I saw this strange sight as an answer to prayer that the Lord can make things happen through hard to fathom methods.  I can’t imagine to feel what it would be like to be swallowed by a big fish, heck, I can’t even swim.   I think like Jonah we can be tested especially we go against God’s specific orders.   I have seen how fierce the Mediterranean gets from being at Tel Aviv and Akko before.

In fact, this very week, I have just read more about the Talpiyot tomb near my house, a well decorated grave thought to be from the time of the bible could bear the name of Jonah: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/04/20/ancient-bone-box-called-oldest-christian-artifact/

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3. Jaffa – Whales and hovering trees

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