Trip to Malta – Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is pronounced “Marsa shlock” is a picturesque fishing town with quite a few outdoor restaurants.

The market resembles half a fish market and half a car boot sale 🙂



marsaxlokk fish


My good friend Peter lives here, he was born in Malta, and lived for a while in my home town of Portsmouth, now hes back in Malta and teaching English.   He often takes his students out for a beer when they have finished studying.    This was a really pleasant afternoon in this small village.


This cacti look interesting, they look like a lot of the ones I’ve seen in Israel.   The Maltese take off the fruits (which is very difficult and dangerous due to thin razor spikes on them)  and make them into honey, well, its more of a flavoured syrup.   I bought some of this to take home which I think is a uniquely Maltese thing.

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