Visit to Malta – The best nativity scenes in Europe?


Nativity scenes usually give people two very different ideas, tacky and naff or part of the very core part of Christmas to imagine a visual scene of Christ’s arriving into the world.    Was this horribly early?   No, actually I saw this first week of December.

Malta, which of course is a Catholic country actually takes this tradition very seriously, more than any other county I have visited (although I have yet to visit Italy)

nativity2 nativity3

As well as a complete scene, it seems you can instead buy all the bits separately, expanding your collection each year.   In this store, this place has the animals, figures and scenery next to a Nespresso machine and kitchen cleaners.


nativity4Best of all, are these nativity scenes which some local people can take up a whole garage!!

Notice the signs here and in others I have seen seem to make it clear what the object of it all.   🙂

Malta has people from other religious groups here, but hasn’t put any silly restrictions on celebrating a very important day.  Merry Christmas!!

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