Trip to Turkey 18. Tarsus’ stunning waterfall

waterfall 1024.jpg

Tarsus features a spectacular waterfall!!

waterfall 2 1024.jpg

DSCF9139 1024.JPG

There are three restaurants on different sides.   Its peaceful to just sit and watch the fast flowing water and people paddling.

IMG_20160409_163527282 1024The Berdan river runs through here containing silt from the Central Taurus mountains. The course of the river was changed by Byzantine emperor Justinian.  People come here to bathe, but some people have got seriously ill, as Alexander the Great is said to have bathed here, but later got pneumonia and died in Syria.  Today this waterfall is 15 metres high, and has a flow of 138 cubic metres a second.

Big surprise here, in Israel folks like drinking Turkish coffee (which has a large amount of sediment in the bottom)   but Turks actually prefer drinking unsweetened black tea.   I’ve not see this interesting teapot with stand before.    In my hotel, there was a tea dispensed out of a catering machine, but coffee was some very ordinary Nescafe in a jar that was mostly ignored by the other folks during breakfast.

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