Should we be worried about young people attending churches with smoke machines?

I like seeing live music. Christian praise and worship that’s modern, and traditional stuff. And also secular bands. Rock, pop, classical, funk jazz, reggae, I try to lean towards really most things that are positive and upbeat.

A picture or meme was often being shown on Facebook, of Christians worried about churches about putting too much emphasis on as an entertainment show. I thought I would explain what I think of this.

Quite a few churches actually use a rented building used for another purpose. The big famous Australian church group Hillsong do this. Why? often there is a big decision whether to finance your own buildings, office space, audio/visual gear, seating, catering and other requirements. Or, just rent someone else’s, which often could have useful kit for a band or speaking event.

In this case for Hillsong, it works better to use a theatre, be within where young people spend time in central London. This seems a good step.

Hillsong does use some fancy lighting and big screen there. But, I haven’t seen any smoke machines the time I went. For the most part, I think this is probably just myth.

Lots of folks on the internet bash Hillsong, and I’ve seen some great things, and some not so good, along with other churches, because they are run by humans. I think do some overwhelmingly great things for the gospel like my experiences I wrote here, and have helped young people really grow ready for the Kingdom.

I wonder if those who are critics are taking the time to speak into the unbelieving world.