San Marino 11. The tall centre of community of San Marino

So I’ve got to centre of this little nation. There is a few similarities to the other small countries I’ve been. Like Malta, this is a Catholic county, but also these posters are interesting, not just for events, some of these contain obituaries put up my families whose loved ones have passed. I’ve notice all of these are 90 or close to, and one over 100. there are also anniversaries of deaths of previous years. Nice these people have a long life and close knit way of updating the community.

This is a special sort of entrance, with some smart dressed (not visible here) policemen or security or soldiers, I’m not sure which.

San Marino’s tourist shops, cafes, bars and convenience stores for locals are all set on this steep roads that run parallel around the top part of the city centre.

An overhead view shows a better angle of this place.

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